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Dividers can be placed in any pattern to create unique sculptural and functional configurations, ideal for a wide range of applications and environments.

The use of premium materials and carefully chosen proportions create a bookcase that is refined and visually intriguing, while its deceptively simple construction hides its adaptability and strength. Solid aluminum bars reinforce each shelf and contain a series of holes to secure the dividers wherever desired.

Format is available in a range of different widths and heights, with dividers sold separately.
Format is assembled from the bottom up, with each successive layer of shelves and dividers supporting the next. Each shelf is supported by a solid aluminum bar and features a series of holes where dividers can be secured by inserting a single steel pin. Dividers can be repositioned easily during assembly by removing the pin and replacing it in a new location. The thin panels give visual lightness to the design, while the thick bottom panel acts as a solid base with 8 concealed levellers to ensure stability.

Shelves and dividers are available in White Oak and American Walnut veneers, and White and Charcoal matt lacquer finishes. Dividers are sold separately in packs of 4 allowing users to mix or match different finishes within a single bookcase. A minimum of three dividers per shelf is recommended for wider units, and at least one per shelf for narrower units.

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