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Partu is a practical and economical modular case system that can be arranged in endless combinations and adapted for multiple purposes. It can be used as storage for electronics, a credenza, a side table or as a chest of drawers.

Partu simplicity of form makes it a timeless piece. The cabinet sits on top of steel legs at a height that is easy to access and use. Door and drawer handles are of polished aluminum and have a thin profile that do not distract from the fine finish of the wood case.

Partu is offered in a variety of wood veneers.
Each Partu unit is cut from a single veneered panel to ensure that there is a uniform pattern and colouration in the finished composition. The veneer of each composition is stitched from quarter sliced hardwood veneer in our factory and pressed on to a wood composite sheet. It is then cut up into the various components with consideration of how the doors, drawers, top and sides will combine into the final piece.

In the finishing process, each piece goes through a minimum of five stages: machine sanding, hand sanding, seal coat, scuffing and finish coat. Along the way, the components are carefully inspected for flaws or damage. The final quality inspection and assembly of the individual components takes place at the point when the hardware is attached. All single and double units have a continuous top with no seams.

Units of three or more have seams dividing each cabinet to facilitate moving and shipping. Cabinets with a single door or door set include one shelf. Additional shelves are available for order.

The drawer runners are completely concealed and the drawers are easily removed via latches just behind and below the drawer face. Besides the standard soft closing drawer slides, hinges and handles, other components can be added to custom pieces, such as a CD rack that accommodates 100 CDs (in anodized aluminum), castors, shelves that are adjustable, and electric cord grommets.

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