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The Hollywood series of tables is all about the legs, with each variation honoring a motion picture diva. The Russell continues this theme as a dining table.

The Russell has very clean lines and classic proportions that compliment any chair. Its wood finish, unique leg joint, and polished aluminum footplate give the table a restrained elegance. The Russell seats 8 with plenty of room. It is much lighter than most tables of similar dimensions because of its unique construction, yet it is much sturdier and will not sag despite its large span.

The Russell is available in a variety of wood veneers.
The Russell table is a combination of solid wood, core panel construction and veneers. The core panel construction ensures increased structural stability with low weight through a process of heat fusion of panels to substrate for a permanent bond.

The finish is made up of select solid wood and veneers that are carefully matched, sliced and stitched together for harmonious pattern and consistent colouration. The edge grain of the wood follows the direction of panels, and a clear lacquer coat protects the veneer from daily use, enhancing the natural colours and patterns of select species.

The Russell legs are made of solid wood, veneer and core construction. The hand polished aluminum leg shoes provide protection.

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