U Be & U Trek Info +
U Be and U Trek are reformulations of the Bensen U Table. The veneered frame holds the glass top in a finely machined channel creating 2 levels of storage.

Inset wheels not only make the U Trek coffee table simple to move around, but also gives the table the appearance of floating above the floor. U Trek’s clean lines and mobility result in a piece that appears to both float and anchor itself in its surroundings. With a size that allows it to fit in any room, the U Be side table is especially useful when paired beside a sofa or bed.

U Be and U Trek tables are available in a variety of wood veneers.
The U Trek and U Be are a combination of solid wood, core panel construction and veneers. The core panel construction ensures increased structural stability with low weight through a process of heat fusion of panels to substrate, for a permanent bond.

The finish is made up of select solid wood and veneers that are carefully matched, sliced and stitched together for harmonious pattern and consistent colouration. The edge grain of the wood follows the direction of the panels, and the clear lacquer coat protects the veneer from daily use while bringing out the natural colours and patterns of select species.

The solid wood on the side of the table is notched to accept a glass top, eliminating the need for cumbersome mechanical fasteners. The glass top features polished edges, making it soft to the touch and non-marking to surrounding wood.

The U Trek also features multi-directional swivel steel castors with rubber treads, offering smooth travel over a variety of floor surfaces. The casters are inset from the edge of the table out of view, giving the impression that the table floats above the floor. Steel button glides raise the U Be from floor, protecting the wood from damage and creating a subtle shadow line below the table.

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